Thursday, 12 September 2013

London MCM / Anthology Announcement

We regret to inform you that, due to a massive oversight on our part, Water Closet Press will unfortunately not be able to attend the upcoming London MCM Expo in October.  

While this is indeed terribly sorrowful news and Rik and I are both crestfallen, it does mean that having our Ladies & Gentlemen Anthology ready in time for the convention is a bit pointless. And that means that the 1st October deadline is also moot.  So, if you are currently working on your story -- ink stains on your cuffs, 3 inches of cigarette ash piling at your feet, black rings around your eyes and 7 gallons of black coffee in your bladder -- lift up your weary heads.  Cast your eyes on the calendar and behold:


Just in time for a Thought Bubble launch. If you were wanting to contribute before but didn't have enough time, now is the perfect chance to hop on board (click here for submission details).  Hopefully we can use this opportunity to re-double our efforts and get even more fantastic creators involved and make this collection even stronger than it already is.

Apologies again to all our current contributors who have carefully budgeted their schedules, or if you were hoping to see us (or the anthology) in October.  But we assure you that there will be no such proverbial ball-dropping with Thought Bubble, that most sacred of conventions.

And may God have mercy on our souls,
Rik & Jordan

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