Saturday, 7 January 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year all! it's been a while since we updated but here a quick look at what we have going down. Jordan is in the process of returning from Canada as I write this. I'm writing because honestly I'm slacking somewhat. I've spent this week writing the roughest possible draft for Ladies and Gentlemen issue two. It basically has the events of each page listed with the number  and construction of panels with very basic dialogue. The following week will be spent getting this down into a digital copy, redrafting and then showing it to Jordan. In the meantime you can expect some of the following things from us;

  1. A bi weekly strip. These will be one page stories that'll tell tales from around the world of L&G in the run up to the release of issue 2
  2. More blogging, hopefully about upcoming projects and conventions we'll be attending.
  3. Not dinosaur mafia. Alas I started doing drawings for a comic that i came up with whilst incredibly ill call Dinosaur Mafia ( its full title is Dinosaur Mafia: The Unlikely Love Story Betwixt a Small African Boy and a Root Vegetable.). I did these drawings to entertain Jordan and admittedly there was a couple of days when I had intentions to go forth into the world with my nonsensical doodles but after drafting a page I realised just how terrible and inconsistent I am and thus have decided to throw the idea away, or a least store it til I find an artist willing to do the art work or Jordan gets 100 people to say they want to see it.
  4. I've started research for a big project, i don't want to give the game away right now and thus far its something i'm doing to entertain myself but if it is allowed to see the light of day i'll let you chaps know.
Anyways, that's all I got for now. In the meantime I'll be working on getting the T-Shirt available to buy online and finally getting round to writing something in the bio pages.