Monday, 9 May 2016

Where the heck are us guys?


So you might have noticed that we have updated in sometime. Don't worry we are not dead. We've been working on a bunch of projects that we can't tell you about right now other than to say they're fun, informative and have been an incredible challenge. Because this is all commissioned work we're keeping it on the down-low as not to get in trouble, but if you like magic tricks, scepticism and puns (and lets face it if you like our work, you do) stay tuned.

In other news, JC is currently undertaking his masters in science communication and has been making all sorts of fun posters and mini comics about all sorts of science things. Space mostly I think. Furthermore all this futurism has inspired the Luddite to get on twitter and share his thoughts with the world. If that seems like your bag you can follow him here.

As for myself I've been working on a number of short stories that are driving me insane. I'm finding prose to be way harder than comics. Comics are an artform of necessity and (lack of ) space, what appears on the page, for the large part, has to be useful to the story or character. I guess the same is true with prose only without the space constraints one can't separate the necessary from the sufficient quite as easily. Any way for more of that, I'm slowly leaking these stories out here.

Also I'm applying for the DC Writer's Workshop, it's a long shot but you never know, this time next year the first part of my great Wonder Woman story could be hitting stores, or alternatively it could be hitting this blog if I don't get it.

Together we're working on our application for the Creators for Creators Grant, this is an amazing opportunity that would allow us to make comics full time for a year. At the moment we're stuck between with what we'd like to do for the grant though. Do we submit Escape, take a hit on it's expected page rate and finally get our brain child out into the world or do we come in with a fresh idea, something that is more appealing to publishers? Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, that's all for now.