Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Bear Pit Cover Art and The Bristol Comic & Zine Fair 2013

Greetings, frequenters of the Water Closet (by the way: eat some fibre).

I'm happy to have my artwork feature on the cover of the upcoming Bear Pit Zine #7, focused around the theme of Time. BPZ #7 will be available at the Bristol Comic & Zine Fair (continue reading below for deets), and on the Bear Pit website after that.

  Old tree, old man, old paper: the "deep time" that nature operates on is something that oak trees are far more familiar with than wee creatures like us. And stuff like that.

I forgot to post my contribution to the last issue (#6 if you're counting along), Flight, which I adapted from an unpublished comic I made a while ago about Carl Sagan.  I've been unable to display it anywhere else due to copyright reasons - a shame because I was quite proud of it - but this version gave me the chance to showcase it, albeit in a re-worked and re-imagined form.
The folks behind Bear Pit Zines are also the masterminds of The Bristol Comic & Zine Fair which is returning for its third year on Saturday 5th October. This time 'round it has expanded from the basement of Cafe Kino (its past home) to the glorious studio space of The Station

Water Closet Press will be 1 of the 40 exhibitors at the event (as well as the afterparty following the Fair, and probably the pre-party on Friday), so if you are in or around Bristol that weekend, be sure to come on down to see some fantastic creators and celebrate the world of independent publishing with us.  

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