Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ladies & Gentlemen Anthology Preview

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By this time next month, all the artwork for our upcoming Ladies & Gentlemen anthology will be in the capable hands of Mr. Stuart Gould of UKComics, diligently being bound together in what is shaping up to be one heckuva book.  We thought we would give you but a glimpse of some of the splendorous comic-ry that has been trickling into the Water Closet Press inbox.  

Check out the websites and so forth of the contributors pictured above:

Tony LaVella & Pyrink

And we have other confirmed stories and images not yet gazed upon, including but not limited to:

Sarah Rowles

Wait till you see the whole thing!  What a joy it is to see so much talent all joining hands and frolicking about in the blossoming fields of small press. And playing jumprope, perhaps.

Release Date and Convention Schedule:

The Ladies & Gentlemen Anthology (title to be announced) will be available at the LONDON MCM EXPO on 26-27th October.* Before that we will also be at the BRISTOL COMIC & ZINE FAIR on the 5th October (but without the anthology), and then in Leeds at THOUGHT BUBBLE on the 23rd-24th November (with the anthology, hooray).  Hope to see you at one/all of those  *(EDIT: We will no longer be attending MCM and will be launching the anthology at Thought Bubble instead).

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