Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sleight of Hand....

 Hey guys, welcome back to teaser Tuesday. This week we have the first ever Ladies and Gentlemen Story (before we even called it that) and what is essentially the creation of Hex as an older version of himself.  For those of you who visited us at Thought Bubble you may have already seen it. It was originally published in an anthology call The Sorry Entertainer by Simon Moreton , a fellow small press creator and wearer of a fantastic beard. The paper was pretty successful and we even got a couple of mentions in some shining reviews. Check them out here




Now enough shameless self promotion. Here's the story. The concept for the story is a playing card so its meant to be read in rotation. I've post it twice, once right ways up and the other wrong ways down so you dont have to strain your neck trying to read the second half. Sorry bout that guys. But here at the Water Closet we love physical comics, trust us it really works if you're holding a real copy.

Click on the image and ZOOM in to view in FULL SIZE!
sleight-of-hand magician sorry entertainer

And here it is upside down so you can read the second half:

Stay tuned because next weeks One page story is another Hex one. See you in the funny books.


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