Friday, 10 February 2012

in the gutters but looking at the stars....

Hey Ladies and Gents, another post for you all here. Firstly some business, We sold out in Travelling Man Leeds and OK Comics., we are in the process of arranging some restocking but til then you can always order online from our emporium. JC (who coincidentally got engaged over Christmas, hoorah!) is working on our exclusive online one page stories whilst as of today I have finished the script for issue two.

To wet your beaks for that, we also featured in this little documentary about comics creation that some of our friends made as a third year project. Check it out here!

We've been given so much support from friends and family and would like to give a huge thank you to each and everyone of you. I hope you enjoy Ladies and Gentlemen as much as we enjoy creating it. See you in the funny pages folks.


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