Weird Planet!


This science fiction tale is inspired by Michael Chabon's amazing The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay.  If you haven't read the novel, do that before you eat your next meal.  It's too good to pass up, especially if you like comics. Or stage magic. Or WWII history. Or Jewish folklore. Or great literature.

Weird Planet is based on a brief passage in the novel where the titular Sammy Clay is describing a fleeting idea he's had for a comic: 
"Guy lands on a planet. Exploring the galaxy. Mapping it's far fringes... He finds a vast golden city. Like nothing he's ever seen. And he's seen it all... The people here are ten feet tall, beautiful golden humanoids.  Let's say they have big wings. They welcome Spaceman Jones. They show him around. But something is on their minds. They're worried. They're afraid... " (p. 563-564)
He goes on, but we'll leave you in suspense lest we spoil it.

Mysterious and fantastical, the plot evokes an atmosphere reminiscent of old Twilight Zone episodes that likely would have influenced Sam at the time.  His wife Rosa is otherwise dismissive of the story, but we felt it was too tempting to pass up... so we've imagined that Sam has coaxed Rosa into drawing it for him. Ladies and gents, Water Closet Press is pleased to present our interpretation of Weird Planet!

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Michael Chabon, Kavalier and Clay, Weird Planet

Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, comic, angels, weird planet

Kavalier and Clay comic, Michael Chabon, Weird Planet

Kavalier and Clay comic, Weird Planet, science fiction comic, Michael Chabon
Kavalier and Clay comic, science fiction, Weird Planet, Michael Chabon

Yahweh, wrathful God, Kavalier and Clay comic, Weird Planet

Kavalier and Clay comic, Weird Planet, vengeful God, Michael Chabon

A Water Closet Press production, 2013.  Written by RICHARD WORTH and illustrated by JORDAN COLLVER, this comic is intended purely for the enjoyment of the reader.  The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, and any characters or references therein, are trademarks and copyright © MICHAEL CHABON. All rights reserved.


  1. Awesome Awesome Awesome piece of work. Keep it up guys!
    (and you've reminded me to read the book - something I kept on meaning to do but never got around to!)

  2. Great interpretation of the story! It would be so cool to have this included in an anniversary addition of K&C.