Monday, 24 October 2016

Coming soon!

Hi guys,

we've been away for a while working on a bunch of things that hopefully you'll all get to see in the next few weeks. We've been working alongside Psychologist/Magician Richard Wiseman ( learn more about this excellent chap here.)

We're also putting a bunch of stuff together for the Creators for Creators grant that will allow us to take some time off work to dedicate ourselves to working on Escape. Fingers crossed this will come through and you'll be able  to pick a copy up in a year or so.

I (Rik) have been writing some articles about comics and pop culture that are floating around the ether and JC has been working on some excellent posters for various factions. I'll get him to throw some stuff up on here as soon as possible.

The whole team is going on holiday to Dublin for a weekend so no doubt a slew of new project will spill out of that.

Catch you later guys.


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