Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Thought Bubble Approaches

Hello dear readers,

We are delighted to have a table at this year's glorious Thought Bubble comic festival in Leeds (14-15 November).  It will be our 5th appearance!  We'll be stationed at Table 84 in New Dock Hall alongside artiste-extraordinare...

Come say hello to us at Table 84

Look for our brand spankin' new dynamic-duo banner design.  You will then be able use this as a guide to help you recognise us in a crowd.  It will also help that we will be sitting right in front of it, perhaps even wearing the clothes depicted, in the same pose.

We will have copies of the Thought Bubble Anthology on sale (featuring yours truly), along with some new and previously-unpublished material...

To be unmasked at the convention!

And of course Issue 1 and 2, The Irregulars, and all things Ladies & Gentlemen you know and love.  I'll also be keeping myself busy by taking commissions throughout the weekend, so if you want something drawn, come and chat with me.  Hope to see all y'all there, y'all.


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