Tuesday, 4 September 2012

From the Vaults of The Water Closet

Hey there guys, whilst the wait for issue two is coming to a close ( release date October 7th) and there are a few Ladies and Gentlemen short stories on there way we found this in the dusty vaults of the Water Closet, a small story written by Rik for a now defunct project called Eden Through the Barbwire. The Brief was that the story itself could be about anything so long as it related to the title of the project. Alas the project fell through, but The WCP can now proudly present to you "The Big Push" one of the first stories ever written by Rik featuring the artwork of the brilliant Mr Harold Cupec (which you can see in a hugely blown up size by clicking and zooming on each image) whose work can be seen here. so without further adieu, enjoy.

[CLICK on the image to ZOOM]
World War One Comic

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