Thursday, 12 July 2012

Holy Moly! It's a Big ol' Issue 2 Sneak Peek

 Films get the benefit of having teasers and trailers to whet people's appetite so, heck, why not do the same for a comic eh?  It is our pleasure to present to you a few images from Ladies & Gentlemen Issue 2!  They are still very much works-in-progress, but I trust they'll do the trick to show you what else we have in store in this explosive conclusion to the Curse of the Were-Hyena story arc.  So feast your eyes and spread the word...

Gentleman character art

Rat King comic character art

 Issue 2 will hit the stands in time for the London MCM Expo in October, and you'll also be able to catch us the following month for the fantastic Thought Bubble in Leeds.  Something else worth mentioning is that as of September, half of team Water Closet (I, Jordan) will have headquarters in The South, so keep an eye out in all Bristol comic shops.

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  1. looking forward to it, hope the same ironmongers is still used.