Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Eagle Award Nominees

Morning all. Some of you may be disappointed that there was no Teaser Tuesday this week. For that we can only apologise and instead bring you some good news. Jordan is currently on vacation with his new in-laws but on his return shall be commencing the art work for Ladies & Gentlemen Issue 2.

Another bit of outstanding news is that the Water Closet are now EAGLE NOMINATED creators in "The Huntsman's Challenge," The Eagle Awards' New Talent Competition. We were ranked first and second for story and art respectively for our short story The Land of All Sorts!

psychotic toad

It's now down to you guys to help us go over the edge and send us to the MCM Eagles Award Ceremony in May. You can read both the nominees here (or read ours by clicking on the image above) and cast your votes... don't forget to verify by email. This would really mean so much to us and we can't thank you all enough for your support. Fingers crossed!

Furthermore, up until the release of issue 2 we will be releasing a new page of issue 1 each week meaning that issue 1 will become completely free to read online! Wowzers!

All the Best



Sadly, despite being one of the contestants to actually bother showing up, we didn't win the contest. But congrats to Alex Wilson from the US who managed to clinch it (check him out at Aside from our woefully broken hearts, we did have an otherwise great weekend in London drawing barnyard animals in undergarments for Tony Lee (who was lucky enough to win an award for his work writing for Dr. Who), and it was nifty seeing our story printed in the back of the MCM Expo programme. Next time, Gadget! Next time...

...(although there will be no next time seeing as it was announced that the Eagle Awards are now defunct).

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